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«On-camera scene study »​

A five day scene study workshop in English… on camera!

– Improvisation as research (intentions, situations, imagination)

– How to work within constraints: the frame, the script, etc. 

– How to make one’s language and culture a strength, rather than a weakness.

Dates disponibles

Nouvelles dates sont à venir!

Délai d'inscription

Jusqu’au lundi 17 Octobre 2022 18h00

*le studio se réserve le droit d’annuler en cas de manque d’inscrits (10 minimum)

Les points clés du stage

From first reading to final performance, from words on a page to a living, breathing character, this workshop will accompany participants through the hands-on process of dramatic scene study. Over the course of five days, we will cover a number of topics and activities, all designed to help the actor in his or her interpretation of a scene. Participants will be attributed scenes in groups of two or three, and will prepare these scenes to be filmed on the final day of the workshop.

Day one. The actor’s instrument: preparation and conditioning. We get to know each other and prepare for scene study through exercises. We also learn the basics of theatrical improvisation.

Day two. Unscripted: discovering a scene, using improvisation as research. Every actor will be attributed a scene and scene partner. We use improvisation as a tool to begin working on the scenes.

Day three. Beyond the script: understanding intentions and situations. (While learning to work with text and scene partners, we continue to use exercises and improvisation as a form of research to understand intentions and situations.

Day four. Freedom within constraint: unlocking the imagination and acting on screen. We go deeper into the study of our scenes, explore the paradoxes of freedom within constraint, and introduce the camera to the process.

Day five. Showtime. All scenes will be staged, captured on film, and every participant will receive a comprehensive oral debrief. Participants will receive the footage of their scenes by email after the shoot.

Les tarifs

Formule intensive de 32 heures

  • Horaires : 10h – 17h ( le dernier jour jusqu’à 19h)
  • Tarif : 500 CHF ( pour les élèves du Studio 450 CHF)
  • Niveau : Tous. Chacun évoluant à son rythme.
  • Public : Dès 17 ans , maximum 20 personnes par stage.




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